Dottore Graziano (antoniseb) wrote,
Dottore Graziano

Green River Festival

Here are some pictures from the last week and a half, but almost all were taken today.

This last week, I was teaching via WebEx from my basement. I have some issue with the built-in camera in my laptop, but it is basically going OK. One downside so far is that I have been getting close to zero exercise. I go to the basement, and come up for air.

But yesterday and today, I made a lot of progress on both big things and niggling tasks.

Finally, today, the family and I saw the final Harry Potter movie. I took off immediately after, so I didn't get feedback from the kids about how they liked it, except that Piper wants to see the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie.

The Green River Festival was fun. It was $55 to get in, and there were a long series of bands playing on three different stages. I was mostly at the Cosmic Wimpout tent, video-recording, and playing games with new people, and experienced folks as well. A good time was had by all... also, there were hot air balloons.
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