Dottore Graziano (antoniseb) wrote,
Dottore Graziano

"Good News Everybody!"

The Subject line is a Futurama reference. This week will have a new episode! First in a while, hopefully brilliant.

Other good news:
- Parallelogramophonograph will be in the Boston/Providence area this weekend. This is an improv group famous for doing long narrative improv from stock characters... and including some of the owners of the Hideout Theater in Austin Texas.
- My younger brother is getting married Friday.
- Denise gets to see some Indie band she sponsored in a live show on Saturday
- Summer starts in a little over two hours
- A recent study using high resolution interferometry techniques have determined a lot of specific details about the Cygnus X-1 System... something that was a big mystery when I was in college. It is a black hole with a mass of 14 Solar masses, orbiting a giant star with a mass of 19 solar masses, about 1860 parsecs from here. Lots more details where that came from, but that's the overview.
- In spite of heavy use of the disabled list, the Red Sox had another high scoring game last night. Can they do it again tonight? ... also, Wakefield will be going for his 198th career win in Pittsburgh against the Pirates (his original team) this weekend.
- July 2nd will be something of a family reunion in Southern ME, celebrating my Cousin Kathy's son Dylan's last few days before Navy basic training.
- I like the results from my new video camera.
- This week's class is going smoothly (so far, knock on wood, etc.)
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