Dottore Graziano (antoniseb) wrote,
Dottore Graziano

Commedia and Pennsic Stuff

Am I going to be a land agent? It's looking like maybe I shouldn't.

I have a training gig in Chicago that ends on Friday the day before land grab. Can I get home, pick up Piper and drive West in time? I'm guessing the result would be a tragic loss of sleep. There is also some Performing Arts stuff I'm interested in happening in the Shire of Iron Ox in Jackson MS on July 30. If I can't possibly get to Pennsic for land grab, maybe I should go for it.

I'm thinking I could fly from Chicago to Jackson, and then Saturday night Jackson to Boston, and spend Sunday wending our way out to the site of the Freestyle canoe championships (Cooper's Lake) earlier this month...

On the other hand, I kind of just want to get to Pennsic ASAP. Tough choice.

Sunday was a practice for the ICOD show. We got some good stuff done getting the newer people more accustomed to my methods of putting a show together. I will feel better when we get some rehearsals with more of the established team. This Sunday coming up is the Public show again.

Related side note:
I have acquired a new video camera, so I can try to get one for a single view reference shot, and one for closeups. The new camera is pretty nice. I'm looking at how I can set up the microphones better than I have in the past.

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